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MClass Speakers Amplifiers and Subwoofers
For the most discerning audiophiles!  Highest quality parts for crystal clear sound to bring out the most in your music.  MClass offers industry leading warranty when installed by Mobile Wiring!
*Separate Component Speakers*
15-MCC5 5.25" 2-way separate components
15-MCC6 6.5" 2-way separate components

*Component Speakers*
15-MC1AM   1" Magnesium / Aluminum Tweeter with X-over
15-MC1S1" Silk Dome Tweeter Set with x-over

*Coaxial Speakers*
15-MC42   4" with in-line crossover
15-MC462      4" x 6" with in-line crossover (no grills)
15-MC52  5.25" with in-line crossover
15-MC572      5" x 7" with in-line crossover
15-MC62  6.5" with in-line crossover
15-MC6202    6.5" oversized with in-line crossover
15-MC692      6" x 9" with in-line crossover

*MClass Subwoofers*
15-MCP8S4    8" Subwoofer SVC 4 ohm
15-MCP8D4  8" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-MCP10S4 10" Subwoofer SVC 4 ohm
15-MCP10D4 10" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-MCP12S4 12" Subwoofer SVC 4 ohm
15-MCP12D4 12" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm

*MClass Amplifiers*
16-MC2.100 100w x 2 Full Range Class AB
16-MC4.50        50w x 4 Full Range Class AB
16-MC4.75        75w x 4 Full Range Class AB
16-MC4.125      125w x 4 Full Range Class AB
16-MC1.250 250w x 1 Sub Amp Class D
16-MC1.500 500w x 1 Sub Amp Class D
16-MC1.1100    1100w x 1 Sub Amp Class D
16-MC1.1500    1500w x 1 Sub Amp Class D
16-MC5.700 55w x 4 / 400w x 1 Class D Hybrid
16-MC5.1400    75w x 4 / 1100w x 1 Class D Hybrid

*MClass "The Memphis Mojo Amplifiers"*
16-MC1.2500    2500w x 1 Sub Amp Class D
16-MC1.4000    4000w x 1 Sub Amp Class D

Power Reference Speakers Amplifiers and Subwoofers

*Power Reference Speakers*
15-PR32V2    3.5" 2-way (no grills)
15-PR42V2    4" 2-way with swivel tweeter
15-PR4102V2 4" x 10" 2-way with swivel tweeter
15-PR462V2        4" x 6" 2-way with swivel tweeter (no grills)
15-PR52V2    5.25" 2-way with swivel tweeter
15-PR572V2  5" x 7" 2-way with swivel tweeter (no grills)
15-PR62V2    6.5" 2-way with swivel tweeter
15-PR620V2  6.5" Oversize 2-way w/ swivel tweeter (no grills)
15-PR63V2    6.5" 3-way with swivel tweeter
15-PR692V2  6" x 9" 2-way with swivel tweeter
15-PR693V2  6" x 9" 3-way with swivel tweeter
15-PRS5V2    5.25" 2-way separate components
15-PRS6V2    6.5" 2-way separate components
15-PR1V2 PEI Dome Tweeter w/ 2-way x-over

*Power Reference Subwoofers*
15-PR10S4V2 10" Subwoofer SVC 4 ohm
15-PR10D4V2 10" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-PR12S4V2 12" Subwoofer SVC 4 ohm
15-PR12D4V2 12 Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-PR15S4V2 15" Subwoofer SVC 4 ohm
15-PR15D4V2 15" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm

*Power Reference Amplifiers*
16-PR2X50    50w x 2 Full Range Class AB 
16-PR2X75    75w x 2 Full Range Class AB 
16-PR2X100  100w x 2 Full Range Class AB
16-PR4X50    50w x 4 Full Range Class AB 
16-PR1X500  500w x 1 Sub Amp Class D - 1 ohm
16-PR1X1000 1000w x 1 Sub Amp Class D - 1 ohm

Marine Speakers Subwoofers and Amplifiers

*Marine Coaxial Speakers*-Powder Coated Baskets, All Water Resistant Material
15-MM62 6.5" with in-line crossover
15-MM692    6" x 9" with in-line crossover
15-MM82 8" with in-line crossover
15-MM62T          6.5" Wake Tower Bar Speakers White or Gray

*Marine Subwoofers*-Powder Coated Baskets, All Water Resistant Material
15-MM8D4    8" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-MM10D4       10" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-MM12D4       12" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm

*Marine Amplifiers*-Water Resistant Coated Circuit Board
16-MM4.480 80w x 4 Full Range Class AB
16-MM1.600      600w x 1 Class D Subwoofer Amp
16-MM5.750      80w X 4 / 350w x 1 5ch Amp
16-PRRG   Gain Control for Marine Amps

*C3 (Formerly M3) Subwoofers*
15-C310D2    10" Subwoofer DVC 2 ohm
15-C310D4    10" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-C312D2    12" Subwoofer DVC 2 ohm
15-C312D4    12" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-C315D2    15" Subwoofer DVC 2 ohm
15-C315D4    15" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm

*CM (MOJO) Subwoofers*
15-CM10D210" Subwoofer DVC 2 ohm
15-CM10D410" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-CM12D212" Subwoofer DVC 2 ohm
15-CM12D412" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-CM15D215" Subwoofer DVC 2 ohm
15-CM15D415" Subwoofer DVC 4 ohm
15-CM15Q115" Subwoofer QUAD 1 ohm

*Replacement cartridges are available for each subwoofer listed here*

Amplifier Power Kits

All Kits include RCA interconnects
0, 4, 8, and 10 AWG Kits 
Include fuse and fuse holder
Street Reference Amplifiers Subwoofers and Speakers

Street Edge Speakers
15-SR6936" X 9" 3-way
15-SR62  6.5" 2-way
15-SR5725" X 7" 2-way (No grills)
15-SR52  5.25" 2-way
15-SR4624" x 6" 2-way (No grills)
15-SR42  4" 2-way
15-SR1    1" Electrostatic tweeters

Street Edge Subwoofers
15-SR12S412" Single 4 Ohm Sub
15-SR12S812" Single 8 Ohm Sub
15-SR10S410" Single 4 Ohm Sub
15-SR10S810" Single 8 Ohm Sub

Street Edge Amplifiers
16-SR4.300    75w x 4 Power Amp
16-SR2.150    75w x 2 Power Amp
16-SR1.250    250w x 1 Power Amp
16-SR1.500    500w x 1 Power Amp 
16-SR2X12     Street Reference Sub/Amp Package w/ box
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